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We hire licensed cosmetologists and barbers, many of whom are graduates from Paul Mitchell Schools. They receive specialized training in advanced techniques and animal care, allowing them to deliver exceptional service. With access to 10,000 cosmetology graduates annually, we ensure our team is skilled in consultation, anatomy, skin care, and advanced cutting techniques. Our professionals merge their passion for hair and animals, making Salty Dawg their ideal career choice.


  • Licensed hair dressers
  • 1,000 + Education Hours
  • Extensive knowledge in anatomy and physiology
  • Expertise in Hair, Skin, and Nails
  • Passionate about a career, not just a job
  • Inspiration
  • Extensive training in advanced clipper and scissor techniques


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the connection between Salty Dawg Pet Salon and Paul Mitchell?

Three main points connect Salty Dawg with Paul Mitchell and Paul Mitchell Schools:


  • The Founders: Salty Dawg was founded by three Paul Mitchell School owners who have been in the network for decades. All three are familiar with the Pet Clubs and personally active in their schools.


  • The Culture: We strive to attract and hire Paul Mitchell graduates who have learned and lived the culture of kindness, philanthropy, and giving back throughout their education. Through their annual FUNraising campaigns, Paul Mitchell Schools have generously donated over $800,000 to organizations that support animal health and welfare. The same people who organize and contribute to these causes will bring the “Be Nice” culture to their Salty Dawg careers.


  • The Technical Process and Technical Education: At Salty Dawg Pet Salon, we recruit and hire top candidates. Unlike typical candidates who put on their best outfit and best behavior for a one-time job interview, our connection with Paul Mitchell Schools gives us the opportunity to know and develop relationships with potential candidates while they are still attending school. This allows us to become part of the student’s career plan ideology.

Is Salty Dawg a pet grooming school?

Salty Dawg is a pet salon with a 6-week training and certification program—basically, a school within your Pet Salon. The training includes but is not limited to canine anatomy, sanitation, general health and nutrition, general grooming, Pet CPR and first aid and the Salty Dawg process. The training is FREE for Paul Mitchell School graduates (and roughly $3,000–$5,000 for all others). This is an exciting opportunity to push the industry to a higher standard for professional groomers. Salty Dawg will help you locate Paul Mitchell School graduates, connect with a master groomer, and work and volunteer with local charities where trainees can practice their skills (and create goodwill in the local community).

What are the benefits of working at a Salty Dawg Pet Salon for a Paul Mitchell School Graduate?

  • Salty Dawg offers an alternative career path for cosmetologists and barbers who love animals.
  • Salty Dawg training and certification is free of charge for Paul Mitchell graduates (a $3,000–$5,000 value).
  • Many Paul Mitchell students have a huge passion for animal health and rescue. A career at Salty Dawg lets them continue that connection.
  • Knowing that the national school accrediting agencies recognize job placement as a dog groomer adds another layer of opportunity for those who attend a Paul Mitchell School.

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