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Do Dogs Shed More in The Summer?

When do dogs shed the most — and why? And how long does it last?  That would be the Spring and Fall for the Pet Guests that shed the most seasonally. During the Spring become…


How to Prevent Matting: A Guide for Pet Parents

What is Matting? The term “matting” or “matted” typically refers to dense thick tangles clumped together in your pup’s coat. This can either appear in high-movement or high-friction areas (like the legs, tail, ears, around…


How Often Should My Pets Nails be Trimmed?

Your pet’s nails should be trimmed at least every 2 to 4 weeks in order to support healthy foot conformation and function. Overgrown nails are most certainly painful for your pet to be walking with.  …


Does My Short-Haired Dog NEED Professional Grooming?

Short-haired pups (like labradors, chihuahuas, bulldogs, and boxers) benefit from regular professional grooming even though they do not have long hair that gets knotted or tangled. At Salty Dawg Pet Salon, our pet groomers in…


Rethinking Pet Grooming

When people visit a salon, they expect a great haircut, style, and service, and they also expect an experience. Why should your pet be any different?

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