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Does My Short-Haired Dog NEED Professional Grooming?

Short-haired pups (like labradors, chihuahuas, bulldogs, and boxers) benefit from regular professional grooming even though they do not have long hair that gets knotted or tangled.

At Salty Dawg Pet Salon, our pet groomers in Katy use professional-grade products during your pup’s bath that effectively cleans and removes debris, dander, build-up, and shedding hair. Soft rubber shampoo brushes are typically used to thoroughly, yet gently, cleanse your pet’s coat while at the same time stimulating the production of natural oils that keep their coat shiny and healthy.

Once dry, our Professional Pet Stylists use rubber curry brushes to completely brush out your pup from nose to tail! These are rubber brushes with flexible rubber bristles. They don’t really do much in terms of detangling, however, they are great for removing debris or shedding coats and distributing natural oils throughout smooth and short-coated pups. Regular bathing and brushing not only keep your pup’s skin and coat healthy, but it also reduces the amount of hair fall or shedding.

Your pup’s full-service bath also includes nail trimming and filing, ear cleaning, and teeth care. Keeping your pup’s nails routinely trimmed supports proper posture and mobility of the paws and legs while improving overall comfort for their joints. Our Professional Pet Stylists in Katy will also inspect and clean debris, wax, and/or hair out of your pet’s ears that may be blocking proper airflow to the ear canal. They will also take care of quick teeth cleaning with the use of dental wipes for a quick refresh of your pet’s breath. Please note that teeth brushing or using dental wipes do not replace routine veterinary dental care.

Another benefit to having your short-haired pup professionally groomed is that your pet will be used to being handled in various situations (i.e. medical reasons) and will therefore experience less stress as it will not be something new to them. Pet Stylists are also typically quick to notice any physical or behavioral difference from visit to visit and alert you to their presence as we see your pups every 4 to 8 weeks on average. Anything abnormal is usually referred to your licensed veterinarian for examining early detection and treatment for your pet if necessary. Visit or contact your local Salty Dawg Pet Salon to schedule your pup’s regular professional bath service or if you have any questions regarding services specific to your pup!

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